August Strindberg


Johan August Strindberg (1849 Stockholm - 1912 Stockholm), Swedish writer, playwright and painter. He is considered as one of the fathers of modern theater.


Answer of the 57 year-old Strindberg to an opinion poll. Published in Dienes, Gedeon: Remembering - Isadora Duncan - Emlékkönyv. Budapest, Orkesztika, 2002.



"Dance is one of the many tricks used by women in all times to wake sensual desires in men and thereby to make them their slave. These snake-like and seducing movements have been varied in different manners by women of different peoples. Duncan says her dance is free of erotic tendencies ; this is a typical female lie. Nor are the Greek heteras exempted therefrom, whom Duncan imitates.


  If all this is considered dream play, a game of fantasy, then similar barefoot dancing may have some merit. But even then it remains to be Kleinkust, something unworthy of man."