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To the poet Douglas Ainslie



                                       When first you kissed my finger tips.

                                       Although my heart was glad.

                                       No answering smiles come to my lips.

                                       Which drooped wan [?] and sad.

                                       My mind would then the question ask

                                       Why should this strange thing be?

                                       Found the puzzling quite a task

                                       But this it seemed to me

                                       The kiss you gave my finger tips

                                       Was envied by my amorous lips.


Published in Dillon, Millicent: After Egypt: Isadora Duncan and Mary Cassat. New York, Dutton, William
Abrahams, 1990.p. 208
Isadora sent the poem to Douglas Ainslie in a letter. In her autobiography she mentions that he fell in love with
her in England.