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Emile-Antoine Bourdelle

Emile-Antoine Bourdelle (1861 Montauban, France -1929), French sculptor. He worked primarily on bronze and marble, combining Greek and Gothic elements to form monumental works.

 "Nijinski and Isadora", bronze proof for the relief on the facade of the Théâtre des Champs Elysées. "Isadora", relief. Drawing of 1911. Sculpture. Passages from his texts, around 1912.



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Bronze sculpture of Isadora Duncan - project for a monument.





















Paul Berger

Paul Berger, French photographer.

paul berger
Isadora is wearing here a chiton and sandals after ancient Greek models, apparently made by her brother Raymond who copied the Tanagra statuettes in the Louvre museum. Photographed in Paris, 1908.



Victor Barthe

(Russian artist 1887 - 1954)

Victor Barthe
Caricature of Duncan and Essenin, published in the book Le sablier by A. Koussikoff, Paris 1924.



Ad. Baumann

Photograph illustrating the article by M. Koch von Berneck published in the German magazine Illustrirte Zeitung, 3094. Leipzig, 16 October 1902.

ad. baumann
Ad. Baumann, German photographer in Munich.



Leon Bakst

Léon Bakst (1866-1924), Russian decor and costume designer, born in Belorussia.

Léon Bakst belonged to that young generation of European artists who rebelled against 19th century stage realism, which had become pedantic and literal, without imagination or theatricality.
Bakst’s fame lay in the ballets he designed for the Diaghilev Ballets Russes, and huge pageant spectaculars for dancer and patron, Ida Rubinstein.

 2.Leon bakst
Sketches of Isadora Duncan The portrait of Isadora Duncan (Oxford, Ashmolean) in brush and ink, dates from her Russian tour in 1908. He was made famous by his work with the Ballets Russes.


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