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Introductory / Persons / Isadorables







AnnaDuncan91A-AnnaDanzler                               AnnaDuncan91B-TherezaKruger            


  Ms. Anna Duncan born Denzler (1894-1980)         Ms. Maria-Theresa Duncan born Kruger (1895-1987)



AnnaDuncan91C-IrmaErich-Grimme                                          AnnaDuncan91D-Elizhabeth-LisaMilker     

   Ms. Irma Duncan born Erich-Grimme (1897-1977)       Ms. Elizabeth (Lisa) Duncan born Milker (1898-1976)



    AnnaDuncan91E-MargotGretelJehle                                            AnnaDuncan91F-EricaLohmann  

Ms. Margot (Gretel) Duncan born Jehle (1900-1925)         Ms. Erica Duncan born Lohmann (1901-1984)









F00919     AnnaDuncan130-Isadorables  


LifeIntoArt90small       LifeIntoArt91small

                                     School at Grunewald. Back row: Marie, Stephanie, Lusanne, Anna, Theresa, Irma, Gerda;
                                                                           middle row: Lisa, Erica, Margot, Isabel;
                                                                                    front row: Elcoleu, Temple
Isadora with her students
Photo by Paul Berger
Paris, 1908
LifeIntoArt92BLsmall     LifeIntoArt92BRsmall
Lisa and temple dancing                                             Anna and Irma dancing
Photo by Paul Berger
Paris, 1908



Irma, Temple, Tereza and Anna
Postcard photo of students from the Darmstadt school, 1912

MuseeBourdelle266     MuseeBourdelle276  
                             1915                                                                      1920
                                                                                                             Lisa, Anna and Margot Duncan
 All 6 Isadorables
From the left: Therese (Maria Theresa), Irma, Lisa, Anna, Erica adn Margot (Gretel)
Photo by Arnold Genthe
New York, 1915
AnnaDuncan92UR-Geneve1916EricaIrmaMargotLisaTheresaAnnaTemple    MatinaSHorner85-IsadorablesManhattan1917 
                       Erica, Irma, Margot, Lisa, Thereza, Anna and Temple                        Manhattan, 1917                                                                   
Geneva, 1916                                                                                                 

1-3 Isadora Duncan 2 original      1-3 Isadora Duncan 3 original     isadoraduncan1917 
 IlyaIlyichSchneydersmall       AnnaDuncan96-TheresaLisaAnnaIrma     AnnaDuncan102-MargotAnnaLisa1923GenthesoriginalnegativeOlofThiel1995
AnnaDuncan90-Isadorables     AnnaDuncan95U-Isadorables  
AnnaDuncan99R-IrmaLisaAnna1917   AnnaDuncan100-ISADORABLES-newYork1914 
AnnaDuncan117-isadorables    MatinaSHorner87-IsadorablesLongIslandNewYork1918 
MatinaSHorner101-MargotAnnaIrma   LillianLoenwenthal74Ib-MargotAnnaLisaThreeGraces1922   LillianLoenwenthal74I-MargotAnnaLisa    

Photo by Arnold Genthe
New York, 1920


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