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André Marty 
On Isadora’s performance at the Gaîté-Lyrique theatre
in Paris, 1909
     Let’s imagine a stage, completely hung with gray-blue draperies, a carpet of the same color; a soft light facing toward the back of the stage. The curtain parts, and with the first measures of a Gluck air we see emerging from the shadows the strangest, most exquisite of apparitions. Have we seen her on one of those immortal paintings that adorned Greek vases; does she step live from the land of Tanagra; is she the serene muse on Parnassus out of a Mantegna, the most perfect of Clodion’s statuettes? She is none of these, she is all of them; even more, one makes a mistake to compare her with anything else. Her dance is not imitative of other plastic arts, nor an appealing accompaniment for music; it is an art in itself, she attains the beautiful by means all her own.
Marty, André: article in Comoedia Illustré, February 1909, p.122.




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