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 Ms. Ligoa Duncan





Ligoa Duncan was the daughter of Raymond Duncan, brother of Isadora Duncan. She was a singer and occupational therapist. Doree Duncan Seligmann is co-author of Life into Art: Isadora Duncan and her World.





Obituary to Ligoa Duncan

Ligoa died Monday October 19, 2015 her hands held tightly by me and Michel. 
She had welcomed the sun's rise 36,054 times. 

It was bewildering to us that her age would play a factor in her health.  Even on that day we both expected - quite unsurprisingly given how strong and willful she was - that she would be able to sit up and ask what all the commotion was about and sing us a song.  

Ligoa did not want to leave the life lived so fully - living always in the moment with great energy and optimism. She loved and was loved; her beauty afforded her great allowances and she was full of mischief and fun. Her eccentricities were often resourceful ways to overcome difficulties. Evidenced by the many lives she touched - as self-appointed doctor, matchmaker, advisor -- she would encourage many to pursue artistic expression, break rules, abandon convention, but mostly lead rich lives.  An artist in her own right - in several fields - she crossed paths and worked with the artists of the times, singing, weaving, ceramics, photography, and more.

Her advise to all when life seemed difficult: raise your arms in the air, wave them, and sing.

Doree Duncan Seligmann






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