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Persons / Mary Isadora ("Dora") Gray



Mother: Mary Isadora ("Dora") Gray



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Isadora's Mother








The first class organized in 1884 by Dora Duncan with Professor Massbaum 
for her four children and their friends.
The house at 1365 8th street in Oaklands was bought for them by their father.
Dora is seated to the left. From top down - left line: Nat Braun, Elizabeth Duncan, Lizzie MacCall, May Perkins, Edith Moulin;
2nd line: Olive MacCall; 3rd line: Carrie Reed, Isadora Duncan; 4th line: Spencer Reed, Dan Moulton, Raymond Duncan, Lulu, Gertrude McCall. 








Dora Duncan with her four children: Augustin, Elizabeth, Raymond, and Isadora
Photo by Bayley & Howland, Oakland, 1889







 Dora Duncan, Walter Schott and Isadora Duncan in his studio.
His sculpture of Isadora stands behind them.
Berlin, 1904










Monday the 18th. . Isadora Duncan Pundect
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