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Printed Material / Programs






LifeintoArt36U     LifeintoArt36B    

The Duncan Family's farewell appearance in the United States before leaving for England.

The last time they all performed together in their homeland.








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First series of solo performances in London, Isadora was joined by Eminem Scholars







Program from Isadora's Commercial debut in Paris,
complete with the ubiquitous Michelin tire advertisement.
Photo by E. Bieber, Berlin





LifeintoArt38B      LifeintoArt59B

Program from Isadora and Raymond's presentation of the Ancient Greek Choruses





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After returning from Greece, Isadora's programs featured Raymond's photo of her standing by the Erectheum.

LifeIntoArt106L    LifeIntoArt106ML     LifeIntoArt106MR    LifeIntoArt106R
Isadora returned to the United States in Triumph

The Isadorables made their american debut.
Isadora looking hopefully inward for peace. Lisa stands behind Isadora and clock-wise are Theresa, Anna, Margot, Erica and Irma.
Photo by Arnold Genthe.
Autumn, 1914

LifeIntoArt140small     LifeIntoArt140Rsmall 
Benefit for those who had lost their homes in the Lorraine region
9 April, 1916

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   LifeIntoArt170U     LifeIntoArt170R
Isadora Duncan's last performance


Monday the 18th. . Isadora Duncan Pundect
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