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Vilhelm Ekelund

Vilhelm Ekelund (1880–1949), Swedish essayist and poet. His work was influenced by Nietzsche, Hölderlin and Swedenborg.

Gothenburg, 12 May 1906



And I saw you ---

like an Apparition

like a dancing star

you glided in

into the violet-coloured light

softly did your figure fly

into the red

and with arms raised

again into the violet

Oh, my soul was trembling

where I was sitting

in the vulgar crowd

choked by shrinking from

an elderly fat woman sitting next.

Like an Apparition

from the dance`s

lightest and most sacred land,

in the archipelago`s radiant blue

in the white sunlight of sunken times

you are standing here for me

My soul is still trembling...




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