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Ms. Pamela De Fina  



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Ms. Pamela de Fina

5580 Tamberlane circle,
Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. 33418
Tel. 561 452 6951
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Member, cid-UNESCO



Work Experience:
2013- George Washington University, Wash. DC, Isadora Duncan International Symposium,  Lecture- Isadora and La Belle Epoche”.
2012  Cid-Unesco- San Marino IT., World Conference on Dance Research, Research Report, “ Parallels between Dance, Painting and Sculpting, the Sister Arts.“written by P. de Fina
2012-2011, Mandel Library, Presented Lecture: “ La Belle Epoch and Isadora Duncan”. Book reading, “ Maria theresa Divine Being Guided by a Higher Order.” written by Pamela de Fina, the adopted daughter of Isadora Duncan. and Dance Workshop.
2011- Created a dvd/cd-” History of an Artist, Maria Theresa Duncan”, Based on original documents, photos, programs, clippings of Maria Theresa, given to me by Rano Bourgeois, her son, with a letter of permission .
Open air concert at the Trianon Palace,
Versailles: Beethoven’s 7th Symphony, the Allegretto, taught by Maria Theresa, danced by Pamela de Fina, held at Lincoln Center Library. Viewed on
2008, Nov. 12, Four Arts King Library, Palm Beach, Fl. Lecture: “Isadora Duncan and La Belle Epoche”. 
2007, Norton Museum of Art, W.P.B., Fl., Taught  Isadora Duncan dance workshop, in conjunction with the exhibit of Art Noveau paintings by the Mathews. 
2000-2003, Centre de Dance du Marais, Paris, Fr., Taught ateliers de dance, Isadora Duncan style. Taught dance to students in the gardens of the Chateau of Versailles. Member of Les Amis du Chateau de Versailles, and resident..1998-2005.
2000, Dorrance Publishing Co., Pittsburgh, PA, wrote and published:” Maria Theresa Divine Being Guided by a Higher Order”, the adopted daughter of Isadora Duncan.
Barnes and Noble, Book signing, Palm Beach Gardens, Fl. Sold on
1978-2004, performed and lectured both in the US and abroad. Member of the Maria Theresa Duncan Heritage co., NYC, NY, chosen by Maria Theresa as protogee.Worked directly with Maria Thersa, on original choregraphy, created a video” Spiral of Life”, held at Lincoln Center Dance Archives, NYC. Peformed at , The United Nations General assembly, Sorbonne Univ., International Conference de danse., Lannan Museum, Lake Worth Fl., House of the Redeemer, NYC, Graymoor Friary, NY, Sacred Dance Festival., Riverside Dance Modern Retrospective, PBJC. FL. Santa Barbara City College abroad program, Paris, Fr., WICE non-profit, Paris, Fr. And many others.

Ms. Pamela De Fina 2

1971-  Florida Atlantic Univ., B.A. el. Ed. And Art History. 
1974-75.  UCSB, Santa Barbara, Ca., 1 yr, Grad. and undergrad. courses, Art History
1980-- Nova Univ., SE, Fl.  Ms. Counseling Psychology, 4 courses.1975-76   Graduate School of Fine arts/villa schifanoia/Rosary College, MA Art History.,High Renaissance. Researched at Villa I Tatti.
1982-  Hunter College, NYC, Grad. Courses, social Work.
1983, Goddard College, Vermont, Grad. Course, traveling to Paris, “ Parallels between
French Impressionist artist, Monet and Manet, with musicians, Ravel and Debussy.










Ms. Pamela de Fina
Artist, dancer, choreographer, teacher, author.


My interest in the Isadora Duncan style of dance, originated in Florence, Italy, while I was studying  Art History at Villa Schifanoia, Grad. School of Fine Arts/Rosary College: particularly the sculpting and paintings of Michelangelo, and Botticelli., which Later, I found out that Isadora had also been deeply inspired by the same works of art, and created dances to these paintings. After leaving Florence, Italy for NYC, I returned to the Harkness House of Ballet , NYC. to continue the dance, which I had begun at 5 years old, until 16 years old, at Imperial Studios, and performed with many famous dancers at the Poinciana Playhouse in Palm Beach. There, I asked the Directors if we could celebrate Maria Theresa’s 84th Birthday Celebration there, and they consented. I was searching or the dance of Isadora Duncan, intuitively , as a form of artistic expression.. Destiny was beckoning, when I found Maria Theresa Duncan, who I was blessed to be chosen by her as protogee, and to know her  on a deep level, as a master teacher, and close friend. I learned her original technique of creating dances too. as the Funeral March and Presto, The Franz Liszts, Les Funerailles, The Bethoveen, 7th Sympony, Alegretto, and others. It was a rich experience, which integrated, the visual arts, classical music, philosophy, psychology and Greek mythology ,a complete artistic, expression. Both Isadora, and Maria Theresa were surrouned by devoted artists of all mediums, musicians, painters, sculptors, philosophers, poets, actors etc., so I was attracted to this style of dance because it integrated all the arts, as I had been married to a prominent artist, and was in close contact with artists, for many years. This is one of the reasons that Theresa chose me for the dance, and later after working so closely with her I was able to understand her technique, as she stated. Also, I had been an Elem Ed. Teacher, and studied child psychology. Isadora Duncans whole purpose was to teach children her great art in order to create a healthier, happier race.

Pamela De Fina began her dance career as a special protogee of Maria Theresa Duncan, and The Maria Theresa Heritage Group ,performing at the United Nations in NYC. In 1979. From 1979- 2016, she has performed, taught and lectured throughout the US and Europe., at many museums, cultural foundations, Universities as, The Sorbonne University,Paris, Fr,The International Conference de Danse.  Santa Barbara City College Abroad program in Paris, Taught Duncan Dance and lectured on the Parallels between Visual Arts and Dance.” Isadora Duncan and the Belle Epoche.” The Lannan Museum, Lake Worth,taught  ID Dance classes,  and  performed at the Lannan Gala   Palm Beach, Fl. The Norton Museum., WPB, Fl. Taught a workshop in ID Dance, revealing the parallels between The Mathews Art Noveau Paintings, and the dance of ID. The Society of the Four Arts Library. Lectured “Isadora Duncan and La Belle Epoche”. Taught Ateliers de Danse at the Centre De Danse du Marais, Paris, and at the Gardens of the Chateau of Versailles   Riverside Dance Modern Retrospective, NYC.ith the Isadora Duncan Commemerative Co.with a NYTimes review.  Published in Paris Womens Journal.

Published Maria Theresa Divine Being Guided by a Higher Order, sold at www.,

Barnes and Noble Book signing. Numerous newspaper articles. Produced two videos:

“ The Classical Dance by Maria Theresa Duncan, told by Pamela de Fina, and “a Concert at the House of the Redeemer”, NYC. “ Spiral of Life” video, and the Bethoveen 7th Symphony, the Allegretto, held at Lincoln Center, dance archives. Published in Who’s Who in Dance History.etc

“ A Friend and Protogee Remembers, Maria Theresa.” Published a book “Maria Theresa Divine Being Guided by a Higher Order”.sold at ., held at several libraries, Chateau of Versailles, Produced 3 videos. “ The Classical Dance by Maria Theresa Duncan told by Pamela De Fina”.  Isadora and Maria Theresa Duncan Dance choreography,  “ Spiral of Life,” and The Beethoven 7th Symphony,” Alegretto, “held at Lincoln Center Library, NYC. Produced a video” Recital at the House of the Redeemer, NYC, the Library of the Dukes of Urbino. George Washington Univ, lecture, Isadora Duncan and La belle Epoche’, Participated in CID- UNESCO, San Marino congress, lecture.The Mandel Library, WPB, Fl. The Palm Beach Junior College, lecture.and others.“ 






Photos from the archive of Ms. Pamela De Fina



Ms. Pamela De Fina 6

 Ms. Pamela de Fina




Ms. Pamela De Fina 11

Photo by Ms. Pamela's sister Ms. Angela,

Ms. Pamela participating in a workshop and presented a lecture, one summer,

at: Johnson University, in Vermont. England.



Ms. Pamela De Fina 12

 Ms. Pamela de Fina

at the Palace Trianon, Versailles

Ms. Pamela De Fina 13








Ms. Pamela De Fina 7


Ms. Maria-Theresa and Ms. Pamela de Fina, NYC, around 1984.


Ms. Maria Theresa Duncan PamelaDeFina collection 20





 Ms. Maria Theresa Duncan PamelaDeFina collection 19  Ms. Maria Theresa Duncan PamelaDeFina collection 18

 Signed by Ms. Maria-Theresa: " To Pamela exotique, Con Amour, Maria Theresa".
From private collection of  Ms. Pamela De Fina 




Ms. Maria Theresa Duncan PamelaDeFina collection 33    Ms. Maria Theresa Duncan PamelaDeFina collection 34

 A program of Ms. Maria-Theresa Heritage Group.
Signed on the front by Maria Theresa, "To Pamela with Love Maria Theresa".
From private collection of  Ms. Pamela De Fina





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 Ms. Pamela De Fina 5







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Ms. Pamela De Fina 9    Ms. Pamela De Fina 10






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Ms. Pamela De Fina 19



Ms. Pamela De Fina 20


From private collection of Ms. Pamela de Fina



Flyers for the book of Ms. Pamela De Fina













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